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The Wellness Center focuses on three main areas

1. Student Support Services: The Wellness Center is a safe place for students to come and receive individual or group support from a well-trained MFT trainee or intern or our Wellness Center coordinator. Students may access the Wellness Center on a drop-in basis during breaks or lunch. Appointments usually are scheduled during study hall or elective classes. Family sessions take place after school. Teachers, staff, and students can refer someone to the Wellness Center for services; students can also self-refer. Consent forms are available from school counselors and in the Wellness Center. Ongoing groups are held focusing on substance use prevention/education, social skill development, mindfulness/stress reduction, and more.

2. Stigma Reduction & Awareness Campaigns: The Wellness Center is dedicated to raising awareness of behavioral and mental health issues related to young people. The Wellness Center plans and implements campaigns to address mental health stigma reduction, bullying, suicide prevention, wellness promotion, parent/student education about the adolescent brain, embracing acceptance of differences, etc. The “Close to Home” campaign sponsored by RISE meets monthly in the Wellness Center. The AHS LGBTQIA+ (GSA) meets weekly in the Wellness Center to provide support and promote inclusion for all.

3. Behavioral Health Career Pathways: The Wellness Center provides guest speakers, field trips, and forums to educate students about the variety of career choices within the behavioral health field. These events are held during lunch or study hall, and any AHS student can elect to attend.

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