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Administrator Title Phone Email
William Neely Principal 805-462-4300
ext. 704307
Libby Madding Vice Principal - Curriculum & Instruction 805-462-4300
ext. 704310
Chris Allen Vice Principal - Discipline & Attendance 805-462-4300
ext. 704327

Administration Staff

Darcy Price Principal's Secretary 805-462-4300
ext. 704307
Sierra Shalhoub Vice Principal's Secretary - Madding 805-462-4300
ext. 704310
Debbie Peterson Vice Principal Secretary - Allen 805-462-4327
ext. 704327
Shannon Bryan Attendance Secretary 805-462-4320 shannonbryan@atasusd.org
Cindy Josephs Athletics and ASB Secretary 805-462-4300 ext.704311 cindyjosephs@atasusd.org
Laurie Kershner Counseling Secretary 805-462-4308 lauriekershner@atasusd.org
Julie Marshall Records Clerk 805-462-4300 juliemarshall@atasusd.org
Lilly Martinez Attendance Secretary, Bilingual Secretary 805-462-4319 lillymartinez@atasusd.org
Michelle Weisheitinger ASB Bookkeeper 805-462-4300
ext. 704304
  Main Attendance Line 805-462-4320

Campus Supervisors

Darvell Cullors   805-462-4300
ext. 704322
Sid Rodriguez   805-462-4300
ext. 704324


Counselor Assigned Students Email
Heather Bakich A-D students heatherbakich@atasusd.org
Jeff Bockert E-Le students jeffbockert@atasusd.org
Ashley Hurni Li-Re students ashleyhurni@atasusd.org
Meghan Beck Ri-Z students meghanbeck@atasusd.org
Laurie Kershner Counseling Secretary lauriekershner@atasusd.org
Contact all Counselors at 805-462-4308


Teacher Department Email Website
Tiffini Banks Foreign Lang. tiffinibanks@atasusd.org Link
Kris Bell English/District Librarian krisbell@atasusd.org  
Cierra Boots Athletics cierraboots@atasusd.org Link
Ivan Bradley Design, Visual, and Media Arts ivanbradley@atasusd.org Link
Shelley Brard Leadership shelleybrard@atasusd.org  
Jennifer Bravo Foreign Lang. jenniferbravo@atasusd.org Link
Lauren Chambers English laurenchambers@atasusd.org  
Michael Clemmensen Math michaelclemmensen@atasusd.org  
Nate Conrad Performing Arts nathanaelconrad@atasusd.org Link
Christian Cooper Health christiancooper@atasusd.org Link
Victor Cooper Math victorcooper@atasusd.org Link
Mary Corey English marycorey@atasusd.org Link
Kyle Dadson Ag-Auto kyledadson@atasusd.org Link
Joe Davis PE josephdavis@atasusd.org  
Josh Dean Social Science joshdean@atasusd.org  
Danielle Deluca Math danielledeluca@atasusd.org Link
Wendy Denzel Math wendydenzel@atasusd.org Link
Sam DeRose Athletics samderose@atasusd.org Link
Robin Dery Foreign Lang. robindery@atasusd.org Link
David Donati Social Science daviddonati@atasusd.org Link
Morgan Farrior English morganfarrior@atasusd.org  
Anna Ferree Leadership/Health annaferree@atasusd.org  
John Forte Science johnforte@atasusd.org Link
Jennifer George English jennifergeorge@atasusd.org Link
Tess Harback Visual Arts tessharback@atasusd.org Link
Sheri Harrison English sheriharrison@atasusd.org Link
April Haworth Learning Center aprilhaworth@atasusd.org  
Lindsey Hayes English lindseyhayes@atasusd.org Link
Charlie Herrera Ag-Auto charlesherrera@atasusd.org Link
Glenda Highland Social Science glendahighland@atasusd.org Link
SuzAnne Hogan English suzannehogan@atasusd.org Link
Tom Hollis Science thomashollis@atasusd.org Link
Augie Johnston Computer Technology augiejohnston@atasusd.org  
Carrie Jones Music carriejones@atasusd.org  
Megan Kremke Learning Center megankremke@atasusd.org  
Christy Little Baking/Hospitality christylittle@atasusd.org  
Katie Lords Learning Center katielords@atasusd.org  
Sierra MacLeod Math sierramacleod@atasusd.org Link
Jeremy Massie Foreign Lang. jeremymassie@atasusd.org Link
Irene McDaniel Math irenemcdaniel@atasusd.org Link
Angie McQuitty Science angeliquemcquitty@atasusd.org Link
Eileen Medina Math eileenmedina@atasusd.org Link
David Muff English davidmuff@atasusd.org Link
David Pascolla Design, Visual, and Media Arts davidpascolla@atasusd.org Link
Marie Pink Science mariepink@atasusd.org  
Phil Poist Learning Center philpoist@atasusd.org  
Sholeh Prochello English sholehprochello@atasusd.org Link
Kamela Proulx Wellness Center Coordinator kamelaproulx@atasusd.org  
Megan Risley PE meganrisley@atasusd.org  
Rob Robertson Learning Center robrobertson@atasusd.org  
Scott Rosenblum Math scottrosenblum@atasusd.org Link
Robin Ryburn Science robinryburn@atasusd.org Link
Peter Smith Social Science petersmith@atasusd.org Link
Jeff Spiller PE jeffspiller@atasusd.org Link
Julie Steyer Visual Arts juliesteyer@atasusd.org Link
Roger Taber Science rogertaber@atasusd.org Link
Ben Tomasini Social Science bentomasini@atasusd.org Link
Mark Van Allen PE markvanallen@atasusd.org Link
Shawna Volpa Drama shawnavolpa@atasusd.org Link
Andrew Weatherly Ag-Auto andrewweatherly@atasusd.org Link
Andrew Wilkie Science, Math andrewwilkie@atasusd.org Link
Christine Williams Social Science christinewilliams@atasusd.org Link
Robb Wilwand Learning Center robbwilwand@atasusd.org  
Bonnie Zebe Learning Center and Child Dev. bonniezebe@atasusd.org Link

New Faculty and Staff

Sierra MacLeod

Sierra MacLeod

My name is Sierra MacLeod and I am excited to be a new Mathematics teacher here at AHS. I grew up in Galt, a small town outside of Sacramento, and went to college at UCLA where I earned my Bachelors Degree in Mathematics. I then moved to the area and got my teaching credential at Cal Poly SLO. I am passionate about all things math and am excited to be a part of this community. 

Morgan Farrior, English teacher

Morgan Farrior


Hello all! Ms. F (Ms. Farrior) here! I am so excited to be a part of this awesome greyhound community. A little bit about me: I am a Paso Robles High School grad. turned greyhound, and a Cal Poly graduate with a Bachelors of Art in English with a focus in poetry writing. Additionally, I have a Masters of Arts Degree in Literature from Cal Poly. I am so excited to be here and to meet all of you. Let's make this an amazing year!

Carrie Jones

Carrie Jones


I am thrilled to be joining the Greyhound team! I have a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance from Brigham Young University and 12 years of experience teaching private music lessons and directing church choirs. I am currently studying to complete my teaching credential and Master's degree in secondary music education. 

Augie Johnston

Augie Johnston

Computer Technology

Hey there! My name is Mr. Johnston and I'm the new Computer Science teacher here at AHS. I grew up here locally and went to school K-12 here in the district.  I earned my bachelor's degree in Business Administration from CSUMB, moved to Europe for 7 years, and am now back here teaching and coaching basketball at my alma mater.  It's an honor to be back representing orange and grey.

Shawna Volpa

Shawna Volpa
Performing Arts

Shawna Volpa is the Theatre Arts Instructor and Director at Atascadero High School. This is her second year teaching at AHS. She is excited to be teaching in the Performing Arts Pathway. The Career Technical Education classes she teaches include: an Introduction class - Introduction to Theater, a Concentration class -Advanced Acting: Stage and Film and finally a Capstone class, Technical Theater. She is a firm believer that "CREATIVITY IS THE NEW CURRENCY FOR THE 21st CENTURY!" Whether or not a student pursues a career in the Performing Arts Industry, the skills taught in her class are invaluable for the future success of our students.







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