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Administrator Title Phone Email
Dan Andrus Principal 805-462-4300
ext. 704307
Libby Madding Vice Principal - Curriculum & Instruction 805-462-4300
ext. 704310
Tristan Shorba Vice Principal - Discipline & Attendance 805-462-4300
ext. 704327

Administration Staff

Darcy Price Principal's Secretary 805-462-4300
ext. 704307
Julie Marshall Vice Principal's Secretary - Madding 805-462-4300
ext. 704310
LeAudrey Koenig Vice Principal Secretary - Shorba 805-462-4327
ext. 704327
Shannon Bryan Attendance Secretary 805-462-4320 shannonbryan@atasusd.org
Cindy Josephs Athletics and ASB Secretary 805-462-4300 ext.704311 cindyjosephs@atasusd.org
Laurie Kershner Counseling Secretary 805-462-4308 lauriekershner@atasusd.org
Shante Bishop Records Clerk 805-462-4300 shantebishop@atasusd.org
TBA Attendance Secretary 805-462-4320 lillymartinez@atasusd.org
Michelle Weisheitinger ASB Bookkeeper 805-462-4300
ext. 704304
  Main Attendance Line 805-462-4320


Andy Huyck Athletic Trainer   andyhuyck@atasusd.org

Campus Supervisors

Darvell Cullors   805-462-4300
ext. 704322
Sid Rodriguez   805-462-4300
ext. 704324


Counselor Assigned Students Email
Heather Bakich A-D students heatherbakich@atasusd.org
Jeff Bockert E-K students jeffbockert@atasusd.org
Ashley Hurni L-Re students ashleyhurni@atasusd.org
Meghan Beck Ri-Z students meghanbeck@atasusd.org
Lilly Martinez Counseling and Bilingual Secretary lauriekershner@atasusd.org
Contact all Counselors at 805-462-4308


Teacher Department Email Website
Clarke Andros English, Photography clarkeandros@atasusd.org  
Ben Aster Social Science benaster@atasusd.org  
Sierra Aster Math sierraaster@atasusd.org Link
Tiffini Banks Foreign Lang. tiffinibanks@atasusd.org Link
Kris Bell English/District Librarian krisbell@atasusd.org  
Ivan Bradley Design, Visual, and Media Arts ivanbradley@atasusd.org Link
Jennifer Bravo Foreign Lang. jenniferbravo@atasusd.org Link
Lauren Chambers English laurenchambers@atasusd.org  
Jon Conrad Chemistry jonathanconrad@atasusd.org  
Nate Conrad Performing Arts nathanaelconrad@atasusd.org Link
Natalie Cooks PE nataliecooks@atasusd.org  
Christian Cooper Health christiancooper@atasusd.org Link
Victor Cooper Math victorcooper@atasusd.org Link
Mary Corey English marycorey@atasusd.org Link
Morgan Couture English morgancouture@atasusd.org  
Kyle Dadson Ag-Auto kyledadson@atasusd.org Link
Joe Davis PE josephdavis@atasusd.org  
Danielle Deluca Math danielledeluca@atasusd.org Link
Wendy Denzel Math wendydenzel@atasusd.org Link
Sam DeRose Athletics samderose@atasusd.org Link
Robin Dery Foreign Lang. robindery@atasusd.org Link
David Donati Social Science daviddonati@atasusd.org Link
Anna Ferree Leadership/Health annaferree@atasusd.org  
Jennifer George English jennifergeorge@atasusd.org Link
Andy Gilliland Therapeutic Learning Center andygilliland@atasusd.org  
Ashley Hale Learning Center ashleyhale@atasusd.org  
Justin Hale Learning Center justinhale@atasusd.org  
Tess Harback Visual Arts tessharback@atasusd.org Link
Sheri Harrison English sheriharrison@atasusd.org Link
April Haworth Learning Center aprilhaworth@atasusd.org  
Lindsey Hayes English lindseyhayes@atasusd.org Link
Glenda Highland Social Science glendahighland@atasusd.org Link
Tom Hollis Science thomashollis@atasusd.org Link
Augie Johnston Computer Technology augiejohnston@atasusd.org  
Carrie Jones Music carriejones@atasusd.org  
Christy Little Culinary/Hospitality christylittle@atasusd.org  
Jeremy Massie Foreign Lang. jeremymassie@atasusd.org Link
Irene McDaniel Math irenemcdaniel@atasusd.org Link
Angie McQuitty Science angeliquemcquitty@atasusd.org Link
Eileen Medina Math eileenmedina@atasusd.org Link
Megan Mitchell Learning Center meganmitchell@atasusd.org  
David Muff English davidmuff@atasusd.org Link
Tara Patterson Social Science tarapatterson@atasusd.org  
Marie Pink Science mariepink@atasusd.org Link
Sholeh Prochello English sholehprochello@atasusd.org Link
Kamela Proulx Wellness Center Coordinator kamelaproulx@atasusd.org  
Bharti Rausch Learning Center bhartirausch@atasusd.org  
Tony Renteria Auto tonyrenteria@atasusd.org  
Megan Risley PE meganrisley@atasusd.org  
Rob Robertson Learning Center robrobertson@atasusd.org  
Scott Rosenblum Math scottrosenblum@atasusd.org Link
Robin Ryburn Science robinryburn@atasusd.org Link
Kerry Sherer Leadership/ASB kerrysherer@atasusd.org  
Peter Smith Social Science petersmith@atasusd.org Link
Jeff Spiller PE jeffspiller@atasusd.org Link
Julie Steyer Visual Arts juliesteyer@atasusd.org Link
Ben Tomasini Social Science bentomasini@atasusd.org Link
Mark Van Allen PE markvanallen@atasusd.org Link
Shawna Volpa Drama shawnavolpa@atasusd.org  
Andrew Weatherly Ag-Auto andrewweatherly@atasusd.org Link
Andrew Wilkie Science, Math andrewwilkie@atasusd.org Link
Christine Williams Social Science christinewilliams@atasusd.org Link
Robb Wilwand Learning Center robbwilwand@atasusd.org  
Bonnie Zebe Child Development bonniezebe@atasusd.org Link

Do to Covid-19, AHS offices are closed to the Public at this time
(staff are available by appointment only)

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