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This class will teach the fundamentals of an accounting cycle for a service business organized as a proprietorship, and for a merchandising business organized as a corporation. The principals of accounting will then be applied to the computer using industry standard software for general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and payroll. Community speakers will be included in classroom training. Prerequisite: Completion of a previous computer class is recommended. Math credit offered. Algebra competency is highly recommended.

Learn how to create animation for use on the Web, game development, and other multimedia products. Fundamental concepts of animation, software use, communication, and design principles are studied and applied in this hands-on class. Students develop a digital portfolio. Graphic Production (ROP) is highly recommended. Freshmen and Sophomores may enroll with a waiver. UC/CSU A-G "F" requirement

Computer Operations gives students a thorough introduction to application software. In addition to increasing keyboarding speed and accuracy, the students will learn intermediate to advanced features of word processing, spreadsheets, graphics, multimedia and web design and simple computer programming/coding. Freshmen and Sophomores may enroll with a waiver.

Learn skills for jobs in the exciting graphic arts fields of digital and print media.  This class offers instruction in graphic design techniques, an introduction to printing methods and processes, desktop publishing, computer graphics, and multimedia.  Industry common projects result in an extensive student portfolio. May be taken on line with the approval of the teacher and a written contract. Freshmen and Sophomores may enroll with a waiver. UC/CSU A-G "F" requirement

In Photography students will learn the basic skills related to camera function, film processing, printing, and mounting. Students will also learn basic and advanced skills in digital imaging, including scanning, image manipulation, retouching, and color enhancement. Projects will include studies in the areas of lighting, landscape, portraiture, photojournalism, advertising, and alternative darkroom techniques. Students will learn and be exposed to photographic history, movements, and styles. Included in this study will be “hands-on” assignments in which students make their own cameras following the design and construction techniques of the early camera. Students will learn to analyze and critique their own work as well as other photographers and artists through classroom critiques, visiting photographers, and gallery visits. Prerequisite:  Basic computer to advanced computer skills recommended.

Students will take part in publishing the school yearbook. In this process students will learn the fundamentals of electronic page design, advanced skills in photography, writing copy, finances, and meeting deadlines. UC/CSU A-G "F" requirement

Study and apply techniques used in cinematic and video environments.  Students learn how to capture, edit and produce digital video.  Historical perspectives, lighting techniques, camera operation, and script writing are incorporated into individual and team projects.  Students develop a digital video portfolio.
Graphic Production (ROP) is highly recommended.  Freshmen and Sophomores may enroll with a waiver. UC/CSU A-G "F" requirement

ROP Web Page Design teaches students how to create web pages and to manage and design web sites. Students will develop web sites for school, home and business, using a variety of applications such as Dreamweaver, Flash, HTML5, CSS, Photoshop, JavaScript, etc. Design techniques and new technologies will be introduced in lecture and then applied in hands-on projects. This class also maintains the Atascadero High School website at atascaderohigh.com. Sophomores may enroll with a waiver and/or instructor approval.

Video green screen
Students videoing with the use of a green screen in the video production lab.


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Graphic Communications Online
Year long online comprehensive course about graphic communications. Includes the design process, color, typography, layout, and the use of Adobe software to create print and digital products.

Career Exploration Online
Semester long course covering career exploration, job search skills, interviewing, resume, and more.

Video Production
Online course provides an overview of video capture and editing. Includes camera operation, sound and video editing, composition, camera movements and angles, and exporting.

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