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Sports Health Screenings

2019-2020 School Year: To participate in sports NEXT school year, you will need a Health Screening given AFTER May 13, 2019 on OUR Health Screening Form, available in the Athletic Office for pick up on May 13, 2019. Health Screening Night is Tuesday, May 21, 2019 - you may purchase your Health Screening beginning Monday, May 6, 2019 for $30.00 at the Athletic Office. We encourage students to also purchase their ASB Sticker at this time for an additional $50.00 which is up to a $500.00 savings for Athletics and ASB Activities.

Contact Information

Athletic Director Sam DeRose (805)462-4311 samderose@atasusd.org
Athletic Assistant Cindy Josephs (805)462-4311 cindyjosephs@atasusd.org
ASB/Account Technician Michelle Weisheitinger (805)462-4304 michelleweisheitinger@atasusd.org


2018-19 Fall Sports 2018-19 Winter Sports 2018-19 Spring Sports
Cross Country Boy's Basketball Baseball
Varsity Roger Warnes* Varsity Augie Johnston Varsity Joe Davis
Assistant Coach Robyn Schmidt* Junior Varsity Justin Coalwell* Assistant Coach Jay Salas
Varsity Football Freshman Steven Gee* Junior Varsity *Logan Sprouse
Varsity Vic Cooper Girl's Basketball Freshman Mark Miranda
Assistant Coach TBA Varsity Jim Stecher* Boy's Golf
Assistant Coach Jerry Reynolds* Junior Varsity Darvell Cullors Varsity Michael Samaniego
Assistant Coach Sam DeRose Freshman Stephanie Cullors*    
Assistant Coach Paul Teixeira*        
Assistant Coach Ryan Cooper*     Softball
Assistant Coach Bob Ryan*     Varsity Darin Traverso*
Assistant Coach Adam Daner*     Varsity Assistant Brigit Godfrey*
        Junior Varsity *Ryan Smith
Junior Varsity Football Girl's Soccer Swimming
Head Coach Christan Cooper Varsity Miguel Figueroa* Varsity Alyx Truax*
Assistant Coach David Hurst* Varsity Assistant Renee Leton* Varsity Assistant Scott Rosenblum
Assistant Coach John Hurst* Junior Varsity Darin Goins Junior Varsity David Strybel*
Freshman Football Varsity Greg Hazelhofer* Boy's Tennis
Head Coach Ben Tomasini Junior Varsity Jack Clemmenson Varsity Lori Bickel*
Assistant Coach Justin Fischer Assistant Coach Christian Cooper Junior Varsity Christian Cooper
Assistant Coach Joe Davis        
    Boy's Soccer Track
    Varsity Gary Setting* Varsity Don Crow*/
Ben Tomasini
Girl's Golf Varsity Assistant Joe Subia Assistant Coach Roger Warnes*
Varsity Kara Ferrell* Junior Varsity JT Camp Assistant Coach Darvell Cullors
        Assistant Coach Dina Coppo*
Girl's Tennis        
Varsity Lori Bickel*     Other
Junior Varsity Jennifer Anderson*     Athletic Trainer Cierra Boots
        Equipment Mgr. Pat McCracken*
Volleyball     Equipment Mgr. Evan McCracken*
Varsity Tanya Deagnan*     Equipment Mgr. Steve Ojeda*
Junior Varsity Megan Schultz*        
Freshman Christina Silva*     Cheer
Boy's Water Polo     Varsity April Haworth
Varsity Jon Conrad*     Junior Varsity Caitlyn Cooper*
Junior Varsity Yuta Nogi*        
Girl's Waterpolo        
Varsity Rob Rucker*        
Junior Varsity Brooke Story*        

* Off Campus Coach



President Rob Casebolt (805)748-7984 rbcasebolt@gmail.com
Vice President Jerry McDaniel    
Secretary Chris Jennings (805)459-4981 jenningscgo@gmail.com
Treasurer Deana Del Sol (805)286-6662 deana@solarponics.com
Membership Bettina Clary (805)234-6213 bd2815@yahoo com
Facebook/Web Coordinator Bettina Clary atascaderoathleticsboosters@gmail.com

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