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Digital Book Published (Continued)

The stories, poetry, and other writings included within the book are from a student writing contest held at AHS. Student artists created work based upon them. A celebration and awards ceremony was held May 14th to honour students and their work. Those in attendance included not only student participants in the project, but family members, AHS staff, and two District board members. The event also featured two local authors who did a presentation on writing and ended with awards given to students.

Blooming cover art.
Cover Art by Kaylah Ospina

Printed Version Now Available for $10.
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Blooming is a digital anthology that is a result of a collaborative project between Atascadero High School students and staff. Students wrote in the categories of Creative Non-fiction, Personal Narrative, Poetry, Short Fiction, and Song Lyrics as part of a writing contest. Art students created illustrations, photography students created photos, and Graphic Communications students produced the layout for this digital book. The title for this book is derived from the Superbloom that occurred in the Spring of 2019 in California, and the “blooming” of students as they develop their skills and talents in writing and Art. It is an example of students utilizing 21st century skills to produce literature in a contemporary format.



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Nature of Hope cover art
Tide and Tender digital book
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Book page sample 1.

Book page sample 2.

Book page sample 3.

Book page sample 4.

Single Cell Wound Repair: Manipulating Cell Healing
by Jessica Jen

Illustrated by Autumn Burkey

Major Adversities
by Lauren Hatfield
by Emelia Reignier

Religious vs. Secular Determinism
by Preslee Gerber
by Ashley Sutherland

Calm Before the Storm
by Erika Mae Robledo

Illustrated by Riley Jones

Drowning in Emotions
by Ryelin Pickard

Illustrated by Sean Nunez

by Angela Enterline

Illustrated by Kaylah Ospina

Black is My Favorite Color
by Julia Zielke

Illustrated by Sydney Holt

Think of Me
by Preslee Gerber

Illustrated by Ava Harrison

by Delaney Rice

Illustrated by Angela McComb

by Logan Chadwick

Illustrated by Amanda Morales

Short Fiction
The Sheep and the Shadow

by Ashley Sutherland

Illustrated by Ashley Sutherland

The Thing That's Killing Me
by Morgan Buffaloe

Illustrated by William Forney

Endless Butterflies
by Cosette Barash

Illustrated by Cosette Barash

One More Eternity
by Sophie Chamblin

Illustrated by Lourdes Cruz


Cover Art

Kaylah Ospina

Creative Non-fiction
Alondra Chavez

Personal Narrative
Alyssa Walters

Mel Webb

Short Fiction
JayCee McIntire

Song Lyrics
Lauren Briley


Taylor Johnson


Libby Madding — Vice Principal
Kris Bell — Librarian/Media
Ivan Bradley — Graphics
Tess Harback —Art
SuzAnne Hogan — English
David Pascolla — Photography
Julie Steyer — Art


CAPS Grants Awarded, Funding Supports AHSCAPS grant winners.

Congratulations! Teachers, counselor's, and staff who were presented with their CAPS Grants last December. The Committee for Atascadero Public Schools (CAPS) was created in 2007 to help AUSD enrich the educational experience of its students through awarding grants to certificated AUSD teachers. It is comprised of dedicated members of the AUSD school community who volunteer their time to plan, organize, and execute a Fundraising Dinner/Auction. This event is called the “Evening for Education” and is held each August.

The CAPS grant are funds that is are awarded to an AUSD certificated employee to encourage and reward the creativity of teachers whose passion is to effectively reach and educate children

Glenda Highland will be taking a field trip for junior US History students to go to Estrella Warbirds Museum near the Paso Robles Airport to see aircraft and other modes of transportation and items used in World Wars I & II as well as Vietnam.

Jennifer George will be taking 50 students to the to the Steinbeck Museum in Salinas.

Kris Bell partnered with Maria Pacheco for one for the Library to purchase sewing supplies and to refurbish sewing machines that they rescued from the storage closest in the B building.

Kris Bell along with Lindsey Hayes will use their grant to sponsor the yearly L.I.T. Club Book Buy at Barnes and Nobles where students select and purchase books for our school library.

Marie Pink purchased the following equipment for physics - large graduated cylinders, constant velocity cars, optics equipment (lasers, half circle diffraction dishes), tools (toolbox, hammer, screwdrivers, soldering iron, etc.) for fixing equipment, and multimeters for an electricity unit.

Christy Little bought new cookware for the Hospitality program to replace the old, scratched, broken-handled stuff!

John Forte received five graphing calculators and Quick Link cables that allow him to use a variety of electronic probes to collect experimental data, such as pH, absorbance, temperature, dissolved oxygen, etc.

Meghan Beck, counselor, acquired counseling therapy tools: Fidget tools/coloring books/conversation starters.

Ivan Bradley acquired a GoPro 360 camera. This purchase provides an opportunity to develop skills for the use of high growth use of 360 cameras in areas including high growth Media & Entertainment, Military & Defense, Travel & Tourism, Automotive, and Healthcare.

Tess Harback purchased a Glass Kiln and Fused Glass Art Supplies to add another learning experience for her students.

Carrie Jones purchased new show choir dresses.

Mary Corey will be taking all of her sophomore students (90 kids!) to see an evening performance of the play, Shakespeare's The Tempest, being staged by Cal Poly Theater and Dance. Sophomores read The Tempest as a part of their regular lit curriculum.

National Science Bowl Competition
Students at National Science Bowl competition.

The AHS Science Bowl Team took 4th place in the National Science Bowl Competition February 9th! Way to go team! Thank you to Robin Ryburn, John Forte and Angie McQuitty for all their support of our three teams! Thank you to all of the students who spent hours preparing for this competition! We honor your dedication and pursuit of excellence!


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