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Education, Child Development,
and Family Services Sector

The Education, Child Development, and Family Services sector provides students with the academic and technical preparation to pursue high-skill, high-demand careers in these related and growing industries. The sector encompasses four distinct, yet interrelated, career pathways: Child Development, Consumer Services, Education, and Family and Human Services. The Child Development pathway provides students with the skills and knowledge they need to pursue careers in child care and related fields, and the Education pathway emphasizes the preparation of students to become teachers. The Consumer Services pathway gives students the employment and management skills needed in careers that involve helping consumers. The Family and Human Services pathway provides students with skills needed for careers related to family and social services. The standards are designed to integrate academic and career technical concepts. The anchor standards include Consumer and Family Studies comprehensive technical knowledge and skills that prepare students for learning in the pathways. The knowledge and skills are acquired within a sequential, standards-based pathway program that integrates hands-on projects, work-based instruction, and leadership development—for example, through FHA-HERO, the California affiliate of Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA). Standards in the Education, Child Development, and Family Services sector are designed to prepare students for technical training, postsecondary education, and entry to a career.


Education Pathway

The Education pathway is designed to prepare students for professional or learning support positions in education, prekindergarten through grade twelve. Students study human development; standards, regulations, and codes; positive guidance and counseling techniques; age-appropriate and gradeappropriate learning strategies; learning theories; and standards-based curriculum and instructional design. Students can apply and practice their knowledge and skills at a variety of elementary and secondary education sites.



Child Growth & Development






Careers in Education


Child Growth & Development
This year long course is designed for the students who are interested in the growth and development of children from birth through adolescence. The emotional, physical, social, and intellectual development of children from the prenatal stage through adolescence will be studied. Students will explore stages of growth and development, nutrition, safety, discipline, positive learning environments, materials and activities for children, exceptional learners and careers in the field of child development & education.
This course provides high school students with an overview of the field of psychology, the study of behavior and mental processes involving biological, psychological and social influences that provide the basis for human experience. Principles studied include social psychology, history, careers, theories, research methods, biological bases of behavior, sensation and perception, states of consciousness, learning, memory, cognition, human development from infancy to old age, personality, stress and motivation, social adjustment, and disorders and treatment. Due to the encompassing nature of psychology, students can also expect an intermingling of literature, natural science, media study, and social studies.
Careers in Education
This course prepares students for a rewarding career in teaching and related fields in education. This course combines concepts from the social sciences, behavioral sciences and biological sciences. Students will learn the principles of learning and teaching and apply educational related terminology, practice classroom management techniques, lesson plan implementation and create student assessments. Under the supervision and guidance of professional personnel, students will be given opportunities to work with infant through secondary students either in a community based position (ie. daycare) or school setting during the second semester internship.

Other Pathways

Agricultural Mechanics


Design, Visual, and Media Arts


Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation

Performing Arts

Software and Systems Development

Systems Diagnostics, Service, and Repair

Entry Level Careers

(with high school diploma)

After School Program Aide
Child Care Worker
Recreation Aide
Teacher’s Aide

Technical Level Careers

(with AA or AS degree or certificate)

Head Start Teacher
Instructional Support Provider
Preschool Director/Supervisor
Special Education Aide
Preschool Teacher

Professional Level Careers

(with BA or BS degree)

Elementary, Secondary, or Postsecondary Teacher
School Administrator
School Counselor
Special Education Teacher
Speech and Language Therapist


California Department of Education CTE Standards for Education, Child Development, and Family Services

California Career Cafe

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